Buy for rent

Buy a condo and let it.

Buying a condominium to let is a 100% secure investment. If you buy a property at MAXXCITY you are enabled to use our full-service rental management.

MAXX takes care to provide the tenants for your unit. We rent your unit through our established channels at the official rental rate published on our websites - online and on site through our reception staff.

MAXX service team takes care about your tenant's arrival, your check-ins, your check-outs, the cleaning and the maintenance of your property. We handle all booking formalities and collect the rental fees for you. Each month you will receive a statement (example) by email about the rental income of your unit followed by the money transfer to your local or overseas bank account*. This way you don't even need to stay in Thailand to make your money work for you.

Our professional, full-service rental management guarantees high occupancy, steady rental income and value appreciation of your property.

And how lucrative is it exactly?

10 % interest and more plus property value appreciation!


MAXX Studio Apartment
Sales Price: 1,590,000 Baht*

Rental income p.a.
(rented daily)
Rental income p.a.
(rented 1-3 months)
Rental income p.a.
(rented 3 months up)
Rental income p.a.
(rented average)
31,500.- / month
(1,050 Baht x 30 days)
14,900.- / month 13,500.- / month 19,967.- / month
= 378,000.- Baht p.a. = 178,800.- Baht p.a. = 162,000.- Baht p.a. = 239,600.- Baht p.a.
= 23,77 % p.a.** = 11,24 % p.a.** = 10,19 % p.a.** = 15,07 % p.a.**

* not binding, changes reserved

** Calculation notes:
  • Profit calculation does not consider maintenance fees and taxes
  • Based on the actual published room rates and 100 % occupancy which is likely to reach only with long term rental contracts (3 month up) = 10,19 % p.a.
  • Daily rates minus room cleaning charge 150 Baht per day
  • MAXX Rental management charges 10 % commission + VAT (0.7%) of the actual rental income
  • VAT 7 % is already included in the rental rates


*) There is no problem to open a Thai Bank Account, even as a tourist. Please feel free to ask us for details.